Canalave City is a port town, and is an optional area in the Sinnoh Region of Pokémon Alchemist. You can find a variety of things here, including a boss fight with Byron.

Special Features Edit

Canalave Library Edit

There's a variety of books on Sinnoh's history and lore available for you to read here.

Canalave Dock Edit

You can return to the Kamla Region here. In the future, you can go to other Regions as well.

Move Deleter Edit

Sinnoh's move Deleter is here, and works just as he does in any other game. You can importantly delete Hidden Machine moves.

Sailor Eldritch Edit

The Sailor who can take you back to Kamla resides next to the Dock. In the future, there will likely be content that lets you find Cresselia from the house.

Harbor Inn Edit

Locked tight, the ancient Harbor Inn holds many secrets. In the future, you will likely be able to find Darkrai by exploring the inn.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Protein Item Ball in the south edge of town, available by surfing.
Big Pearl Hidden by the Canalave Dock.
Sweet Heart Given by a lady indoors.

 Canalave City Gym Edit

The Gym is locked tight, but talking to the door will allow you to battle a beefed up version of its Gym Leader: Byron.

Leader Byron Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Steelix 67 Passho Berry Stealth Rock Curse Dragon Tail Gyro Ball
Bronzong 65 Sitrus Berry Trick Room Hypnosis Zen Headbutt Gyro Ball
Magnezone 65 Air Balloon Barrier Light Screen Charge Beam Flash Cannon
Aggron 67 Chople Berry Autotomize Rock Slide Outrage Iron Head
Forretress 66 Occa Berry Spikes Light Screen Iron Defense Gyro Ball
Bastiodon 68 Shuca Berry Stealth Rock Fire Blast Iron Defense Metal Burst