A city built around a massive lake, Craterlake is likely the last place you'll visit in North Kamla. There's quite a bit of shops on the main street, and more to do around the lake. Hidden in the north end of the city is the Blue Resurgence Hideout.

Postgame Episode 5 Edit

Take out the Blue Resurgence, once and for all! You can start the episode after you have completed the episodes before this. The guide is available here.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Quick Ball Given by a fisherman on the pier.
Drives Genesect Drives, in the Resurgence Hideout. (Multiple)
TM80 Pokémon Gym Reward.
Red Shard Hidden in the sand.
Star Piece x2 Hidden in the sand.
Blue Shard Hidden in the sand.
Stardust Hidden in the sand.
Pokéball Hidden in the sand.
TM48 Given by a girl indoors.
TM77 Given by the man watching over the library.
Shiny Charm Final reward for defeating Allen and the Blue Resurgence, once and for all.

 Obtainable Pokémon Edit

Pokemon Location
Seismitoed Trade for a Reuniclus by a boy inside the Pokéball shop.

 Craterlake City Gym Edit

Leader Cade Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Relicanth 55 Chesto Berry Rain Dance Toxic Rest Facade
Carracosta 54 Sitrus Berry Shell Smash Bulldoze Stone Edge Waterfall
Rhyperior 56 Leftovers Stealth Rock Dragon Tail Rock Blast Earth Power
Rhydon 55 Rocky Helmet Avalanche Drill Run Double Edge Outrage
Armaldo 57 Life Orb Protect Brick Break Stone Edge X-Scissor
Reward: TM80 Rock Slide