Ember City is a busy metropolis built upon Ember Volcano. You can access the area once you have passed through Ember Cave. There's a variety of interesting places inside the city, including the Radio Tower, Museum and the Pokémon Gym.

Special Features Edit

Radio Tower Edit

The large building in the north end of the city. This building broadcasts the radio in the Pokégear all across Kamla. A woman will teach your Pokémon Headbutt inside, as well.

International Police Station Edit

The International Police have set up a station in Ember City to try and combat the Blue Ribbon. You can find Looker here.

Ember Museum Edit

This is a museum found in the top left of the city. There's all sorts to learn about inside.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
TM39 Museum
Sprayduck Given by Looker. Choice between this and Wailmer Pail.
Wailmer Pail Given by Looker. Choice between this and Sprayduck.
Ultra Ball x2 One given by Radio Tower man, one by old man outside Police Station after beating Gym.
Full Heal Given inside a building.
Sitrus Berry x2 Given by a person inside a building and a person outside the Musuem.
TM11 Reward from Jessica the Gym Leader
Quick Claw Given by man hiding near the Musuem.
Burn Heal Given by a person outside.
TM21 Outside of the Gym.
X Special Attack South end of the city.
X Defence Behind of a building
TM12 South end of the city.

Obtainable Pokémon Edit



Deerling Trade for Buizel. Inside one of the buildings.

Special Trainers Edit



Blue Ribbon Grunt Poochyena 9

This trainer is found outside of the International Police Station and fights the player. Completing this event will unlock the Gym.

 Ember City Gym Edit

Gym Leader Jessica Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Vulpix 12 nil Fire Spin Sunny Day Quick Attack nil
Magby 13 nil Fire Punch Sunny Day Mach Punch nil
Reward: TM11 Sunny Day

Trivia Edit

Cut Content Edit

Ember City used to be home to a sidequest involving the Ember Ekans, but it was cut due to being out of place. Ember City has also gone through many re-designs over time as well. There have been around three iterations of the city.