Icepick City is on top of the massive Icepick Mountain. The city features Flint Co., and the fifth Pokémon Gym. You can reach the city from either side of the mountain, east or west.

Special Features Edit

Flint Co. Edit

Flint Co. is a large tech company in the Kamla Region. You can find the CEO, Chris, here. Once you have defeated Chris to obtain the Horizon Pass, they are attacked by the Blue Ribbon. You can also revive fossils here. Once you have defeated the Pokémon League, you may rebattle Chris for a special gift.

Flint Co. Mines Edit

Flint Co. Mines is a randomly generated dungeon similar to the Sandveil Mines. Once you have conquered a massive 20 floors for items and wild Pokémon, you can find a Legendary Pokémon inside.



Kyurem 70 20

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Protector Item Ball behind a tree in the top left of town.
Hyper Potion Item Ball behind a tree before Flint Co.
TM42 Item Ball near Pokémon Center.
TM60 Item Ball near house in top left.
Protein Given by old man near center houses. Choice between this or Calcium.
Calcium Given by old man near center houses. Choice between this or Protein.
Ice Heal Given by a boy inside one of the houses.
TM14 Reward for defeating Pokémon Gym.
Upgrade Given inside Flint Co.
Dubious Disc Given inside Flint Co.
Horizon Pass Given by Chris after defeating him.

 Obtainable Pokémon Edit



Jirachi Gift from Chris after defeating him in the postgame rematch.

Blue Ribbon Attack Edit

Blue Ribbon Admin Matt Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Golbat 36 Flying Gem Mean Look Toxic Air Cutter Sludge Bomb
Wailmer 37 nil Amnesia Mist Rollout Brine
Mightyena 37 Sitrus Berry Roar Swagger Thief Crunch

 Colress Battle Edit

Pokémon Trainer Colress Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Magnezone 73 Choice Specs Volt Switch Signal Beam Flash Cannon Discharge
Electivire 75 Expert Belt Ice Punch Flamethrower Cross Chop Thunderbolt
Metagross 76 Choice Band Bullet Punch Pursuit Hammer Arm Meteor Mash
Porygon-Z 74 Normal Gem Protect Toxic Dark Pulse Hyper Beam
Klinklang 74 Leftovers Shift Gear Return Volt Switch Gear Grind
Reuniclus 75 Life Orb Trick Room Shadow Ball Focus Blast Psyshock

You can find Colress outside of Flint Co. after you have defeated the Pokémon League. This is a very difficult battle. so be prepared.

 Icepick City Gym Edit

To unlock Walt's office and the ability to challenge him, you must first defeat trainers that have switches to unlock the room.

Gym Leader Walt Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Snover 36 Focus Sash Light Screen Protect Giga Drain Blizzard
Beartic 35 nil Aqua Jet Superpower Stone Edge Icicle Crash
Mamoswine 36 Ice Gem Protect Earth Quake Rock Slide Blizzard
Weavile 37 Sitrus Berry Swords Dance Fake Out Night Slash Ice Punch
Reward: TM14 Blizzard