Oasis Town is a paradise in the middle of the large Kamla desert. You can find the Trainer School here, but most notably the Safari Zone.

Special Features Edit

Safari Zone Edit

Catch Pokémon the good ol' fashioned way, by throwing rocks at them! You can find all sorts of rare Pokémon inside here, for only a small entrance fee. More information is available on the Safari Zone page.

Pokémon Trainer School Edit

Nora, a previous Gym Leader, converted the Pokémon Gym into a school for trainers. You can battle her here. After being defeated, she will award you with the coveted Lucky Egg.

Move Deleter Edit

Inside one of the houses is the Move Deleter. He can remove moves you no longer want on your Pokémon. This includes Hidden Machines.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Stardust x2 Hidden on rocks around town.
TM94 Safari Zone Warden.
Lucky Egg Reward for defeating Nora.

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Goldeen 5-25
Magikarp 5-25
Old Rod
Magikarp 5-25
Goldeen 5-25
Good Rod
Goldeen 5-25
Carvanha 5-25
Barboach 5-25
Super Rod
Seaking 5-25
Gyarados 5-25
Goldeen 5-25
Barboach 5-25
Whiscash 5-25

Pokémon Trainer School Edit

Pokémon Trainer Nora Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Whimsicott 27 nil Giga Drain Tailwind Leech Seed Stun Spore
Kirlia 27 nil Psybeam Protect Calm Mind Will-o-wisp
Wigglytuff 27 nil Body Slam Wish Attract Sing
Clefable 28 Leppa Berry Metronome Softboiled Minimize Toxic
Reward: Lucky Egg