Oreburgh City comes right after Oreburgh Gate and is notable for it's coal production and mines. You can find the first of World Pass' Gym Leaders in this town: Roark.

Special Features Edit

Oreburgh Mine Edit

The Pokémon Gym is closed off until you meet Roark in the Oreburgh Mine. You can also find special Pokémon and items here.

Oreburgh Mining Museum Edit

You can learn about the history of coal and Oreburgh inside the musuem. There's also a scientist who can turn Fossils into Pokémon.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Super Potion Worker outside of Mine.
Dire Hit Item Ball near the slag heap.
Yellow Shard Item Ball near the slag heap.
Heart Scale Hidden item in the slag heap.
Pearl Hidden item in the slag heap.
Pokéball Item Ball in the Oreburgh Mine.
Escape Rope Item Ball in the Oreburgh Mine.
Potion Item Ball in the Oreburgh Mine.
Great Ball Given by a Youngster inside.
Dusk Ball Given by a girl inside.
Heal Ball Given by a guy inside.
TM69 Pokémon Gym Reward.

 Obtainable Pokémon Edit

Pokemon Location
Abra Traded for a Machop.

Oreburgh City Gym Edit

After you've found Roark in the Oreburgh Mine, you can make your way through the Gym to battle him.

Gym Leader Roark Edit

Pokémon Level Moves
Geodude 10 Stealth Rock Rock Throw nil nil
Onix 11 Stealth Rock Screech Rock Throw nil
Cranidos 13 Leer Pursuit Headbutt nil
Reward: TM69 Rock Polish

Alternatively, if you did not restart your Pokémon team, you'll battle a much tougher Roark.

Gym Leader Roark Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Probopass 68 Chople Berry Stealth Rock Sandstorm Earth Power Power Gem
Sudowoodo 67 Liechi Berry Sucker Punch Wood Hammer Hammer Arm Stone Edge
Onix 67 Rindo Berry Stealth Rock Sandstorm Roar Stone Edge
Golem 69 Passho Berry Stealth Rock Curse Gyro Ball Hammer Arm
Relicanth 67 Ganlon Berry Rest Amnesia Sleep Talk Rock Slide
Ramparados 70 Salac Berry Zen Headbutt Outrage Earthquake Stone Edge
Reward: TM69 Rock Polish

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