Postgame Episode 2 Guide Edit

When a mysterious illness causes the people of Frozenpeak City to collapse, the Player and The Champion have to investigate the cause: a mysterious virus of a Pokemon unleashed by the Blue Resurgence! In order to complete the Frozenpeak City event, complete the following steps.

  1. Find the correct computer. This will give you access to the virus-ridden program.
  2. Inside the computer, you need to go through the firewalls. There are two total.
  3. To go through Firewall One, interact with the the 3rd wall tile from the far left.
  4. To go through Firewall Two, the wall 5 tiles to the right of the terminal is passable.
  5. Defeat Porygon Z.

Completing all of these steps will complete Episode Two!

Boss Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Level Moves
Porygon-Z 55 Lock-On Embargo Discharge Tri-Attack