Postgame Episode 4 Guide Edit

Whisked away to a mysterious island, cut off from the outside world, the Player, Brendan and the Champion are in for a surprise; Framed for assault, it's another Blue Resurgence attack and they have to solve the mystery!

After you have completed Temporal and Frozenpeak, you'll get an invitation to a special Resort Island. This remote mystery island is home to a deep secret, the people that invited you there are trying to frame you for a crime!

To get off the mystery island, do these things:

  1. Go through the initial cutscenes.
  2. Do the beach event. (This is the only place you can catch Lapras, by the way)
  3. Do the game room event.
  4. Complete the dinner cutscene.
  5. Go to your room, wake up and see Allen's paralyzed body.
  6. Find the evidence in the kitchen, game room, and talk to both Jt and Brendan's room door.
  7. Confront the butler and Allen

 Boss Battles Edit

Blue Resurgence Admin Allen and Butler Edit

Pokémon Level Moves
Absol 55 Detect Sucker Punch Psycho Cut Night Slash
Bisharp 56 Embargo Metal Sound Iron Defense Night Slash
Muk 55 Acid Armor Screech Gunk Shot Sludge Wave
Shiftry 56 Nasty Plot Razor Leaf Leaf Tornado Leaf Storm
Spiritomb 57 Nasty Plot Memento Sucker Punch Dark Pulse

Obtainable Pokémon Edit

You can find the Pokémon Lapras out on the beach. This is the only place you can find Lapras, so do not miss this opportunity.



Lapras 45