Postgame Episode 5 Guide Edit

With the enemy backed into a corner, the Player delivers a finishing blow to the Blue Resurgence in their Craterlake Hideout.

This episode is fairly straightforward, ending with an Admin Allen boss battle. Before the battle, you'll have to remove the gate by going the other way. Importantly, you can find the Drives for Genesect in this building.

 Boss Battles Edit

Blue Resurgence Admin Allen Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Krookodile 57 nil Stealth Rock Stone Edge Earthquake Crunch
Weezing 56 Black Sludge Protect Smoke Screen Flamethrower Sludge Bomb
Sharpedo 56 nil Ice Fang Waterfall Earthquake Crunch
Absol 57 nil Double Team Fire Blast Night Slash Sucker Punch
Shiftry 55 Sitrus Berry Swords Dance Aerial Ace Leaf Storm Dark Pulse
Spiritomb 58 Black Glasses Will-o-wisp Pursuit Shadow Sneak Sucker Punch