List of Episodes Edit

Episode 0: The Adventures of Player: Part 00

Episode 1: White Rock Rhapsody

Episode 2: Mystérique Sign

Episode 3: Endless ∞

Episode 4: Remote Island Syndrome

Episode 5: The Rampage of the Resurgence!

Episode 6: The Disappearance (Currently being worked on!)

Episode 7: The Boredom

Episode 8: Live Alive

Episode 9: Snowy Route Syndrome

Episode 10: The Disassociation (Currently being worked on!, Test content through Sinnoh now!)

Episode 11: The Wavering

Episode 12: -

Trivia Edit

Later Additions Edit

Episode 0 was initially not playable when the Player went to North Kamla. Later, the small addition was created. The event was created in order to introduce the Player properly to the Blue Resurgence.

Inspirations Edit

The postgame and its episodes are inspired by The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Many episode themes and ideas are references to the show and later books. Keen eyed fans of the franchise will be able to see numerous references available in dialogue and certain scenes, as well.

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