Route 1 is the first route in Pokémon Alchemist. An oceanside route between Mountain Town and Ocean Town, Route 1 is a pleasant walk dotted with wild grass and people relaxing. You can find Water-type Pokémon here.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Pearl x2 Hidden in the sand.
Stardust Hidden in the sand.
Pecha Berry x2 Berry tree in the loamy soil.
Oran Berry x2 Berry tree in the loamy soil.
Apricorn x2 Apricorn trees.

Buy at the Beach House Edit

Item Price
Full Heal ₱600
Potion ₱300

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Zigzagoon 2-5
Wingull 3,4
Poliwag 3,4
Marill 2-4
Slowpoke 2,3
Wingull 5-8
Tentacool 5-8
Old Rod
Magikarp 3,4
Magikarp 3,4
Good Rod
Wailmer 10-20
Carvanha 25
Shellder 5-25
Super Rod
Corphish 25-45
Finneon 15-45
Gyarados 25-35
Shellder 15-45
Pineco 7
Spinarak 7
Silcoon 7
Cascoon 7
Petilil 7