Route 11 leads to Resort City. It's a mostly grassy area with quite a few Pokémon Trainers.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Max Ether Item Ball above Bird Keeper Trainers.
Apricorn x2 Apricorn Trees
Qualot Berry x2 Berry tree in the loamy soil.
Hondew Berry x2 Berry tree in the loamy soil.
Rare Candy Item Ball in the southern part of the Route.

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Pidgeotto 26-28
Wingull 26-28
Swadloon 26-28
Trubbish 26-28
Zangoose 26-28
Seviper 26-28
Pachirisu 26-28
Silcoon 26-30
Cascoon 26-30
Ariados 26-30
Swadloon 26-30
Roselia 26-30
Budew 26-30
Surskit 20-25
Goldeen 20-25
Seaking 20-25
Old Rod
Magikarp 10-25
Good Rod
Barboach 20-25
Gyarados 10-25
Super Rod
Seaking 20-30
Barboach 15-45
Gyarados 25-35

 Trainers Edit

Ace Trainer Celina Edit

Pokémon Level
Lilligant 30
Whimsicott 31

Bird Keeper Edward Edit

Pokémon Level
Pelipper 29
Pidgeotto 30

Bird Keeper Toby Edit

Pokémon Level
Pidgeot 31