Route 14 is the last of the beachside routes. It loops back around to Graphite City. Additionally, you can reach Route 22 from the water part of it.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
TM36 Item Ball near the top of the Route.
Pearl Hidden on rock on the island.
Thunder Stone Item Ball near Secret Base.
Pecha Berry x2 Berry tree in the loamy soil.
Lum Berry x4 Berry trees in the loamy soil.
Max Revive Item Ball near the Lum Berries.
TM40 Given in the house.
TM47 Item Ball in the grass near the Graphite Side.

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Wingull 26-30
Lickitung 26-30
Pelipper 26-30
Emolga 26-30
Kirlia 26-30
Wingull 26-29
Tentacool 26-29
Tentacruel 26-29
Old Rod
Magikarp 26-31
Good Rod
Horsea 26-31
Gyarados 26-31
Super Rod
Staryu 26-31
Chinchou 26-31
Horsea 26-31
Seaking 26-31

 Trainers Edit

Ace Trainer Abigail Edit

Pokémon Level
Kadabra 33
Altaria 33
Gloom 34

Crush Girl Kelsey Edit

Pokémon Level
Sawk 33
Meditite 34
Medicham 33

Lady Samantha (Rematchable) Edit

Pokémon Level
Wigglytuff 33
Glameow 34

Lady Taylor Edit

Pokémon Level
Whimsicott 33
Roserade 34