Sandveil City is a rough, growing town in the middle of the Kamla Desert. It is in a constant state of development and has a large underground area where people live. It is host to a variety of things, such as the Mines, Black Market, and the third Pokémon Gym. The Blue Ribbon have a secret outpost for mining Fossils here.

Special Features Edit

Black Market Edit

A surprisingly legitimate business, where people sell a variety of different things. Vendors can be found here for Incenses, Power Items, Wings, Bitter Medicine, Secret Base Mats and Honey.

Sandveil Mines Edit

These are randomly generated dungeons that contain a variety of Items, Trainers and Pokémon. You can also interact with rocks to play the Mining mini-game for Items. Notably, you can find special Shiny Pokémon towards the end. It is recommended to bring an Escape Rope or Pokémon with Dig.

Notable Obtainable Pokémon Edit



Machoke (*) Floor 10
Machop (*) Floor 8

Pokémon Fan Club Edit

The Pokémon Fan club is host to big fans of Pokémon. You can obtain a Larvesta egg here, and trade for a Swablu.

Blue Ribbon Outpost Edit

In order to access the Outpost, you must first defeat Simon inside the Pokémon Gym. Located outside is a Blue Ribbon Grunt. This isn't the first you'll be seeing of her! Defeat the Grunt to gain access to the Blue Ribbon Outpost.

Blue Ribbon Grunt
Pokémon Level
Geodude 24
Graveler 24

Inside, you will find multiple Grunts and the first appearance of Shelly. You will be fought by a Grunt as soon as you enter the base, as well.

Blue Ribbon Grunt
Pokémon Level
Sandile 24
Carvanha 24
Golbat 25
Blue Ribbon Grunt
Pokémon Level
Golbat 25
Poochyena 25

At the end of the base, you will find one of the Blue Ribbon Admins, Shelly.

Blue Ribbon Admin Shelly
Pokémon Level Item
Mightyena 25 nil
Buizel 25 nil
Sharpedo 26 Sitrus Berry

After defeating her, you can leave Sandveil City.

Name Rater Edit

The Name Rater allows you to change Pokémon Nicknames or make new ones. The Name Rater is located in the top right of town.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
TM49 Middle of town, inside the pit. Item Ball.
Smoke Ball Located on the trade Pokémon.
Ultra Ball Blue Ribbon Outpost. Item Ball.
TM46 Blue Ribbon Outpost. Item Ball
TM28 Reward for defeating Pokémon Gym.

Obtainable Pokémon Edit



Larvesta Pokémon Egg. Obtained from Pokémon Fan Club.
Swablu Trade for Meditite. Pokémon Fan Club.

 Sandevil City Gym Edit

To make your way through the Pokémon Gym, walk once on each piece of crumbling sand. Once every piece has been touched, the large rock will disappear. If you fall, you'll enter a pit with various Pokémon Trainers.

Gym Leader Simon Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Golett 24 Ground Gem Mega Punch Sandstorm Magnitude Shadow Punch
Sandile 24 Sitrus Berry Swagger Sandstorm Sand Tomb Assurance
Whiscash 25 Chesto Berry Sleep Talk Rest Magnitude Water Pulse
Reward: TM28 Dig

Trivia Edit

Gym Leader Edit

Simon is a very blatant reference to Gurren Lagann.

Pokémon Gym Edit

This Pokémon Gym did not get a design until late in development. You could initially walk up and talk to Simon without any puzzle at all. This was changed into the puzzle you see today.