Temporal Town is below the mountainous heights of Crumblerock Mt. and is a quiet town, guarded by a mysterious Pokémon in the forest.

Postgame Episode 3 Edit

As soon as you enter town, something is wrong. With the Champion, you can solve the mystery of what's plauging the town. Stuck? The guide is available here.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
TM92 Pokémon Gym Reward.

Special Features Edit

Temporal Forest Edit

Inside the forest, you can battle the Grunts that are causing issues in town. Later, once the episode is over, you can battle a special Pokémon.

Temporal Café Edit

Need a place to level your Pokémon? There's a trainer in here happily willing to continuously battle you with her Blissey.

 Obtainable Pokémon Edit

Pokemon Location
Celebi Temporal Forest after the episode has concluded.

Temporal Town Pokémon Gym Edit

Gym Leader Gannon Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Banette 53 Life Orb Trick Room Will-o-wisp Knock Off Shadow Claw
Dusknoir 54 Spell Tag Trick Room Earthquake Thunder Punch Shadow Ball
Cofagrigus 53 Leftovers Trick Room Will-o-wisp Nasty Plot Shadow Ball
Chandelure 55 Choice Scarf Trick Energy Ball Fire Blast Shadow Ball
Shadinja 54 Focus Sash Protect Will-o-wisp Shadow Sneak X-Scissor