Located in a deep cavern, below the ocean floor, Victory Road is the final test for Pokémon Trainers before the Pokémon League. It's a gauntlet of puzzles, wild Pokémon and Trainers. Good luck!

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Stardust x3 Hidden on rock.
Star Piece Hidden on rock.
TM29 Item Ball.
Rare Candy Item Ball.
Ultra Ball x2 Given by man. Item Ball.
Max Repel Hidden on rock.
Rocky Helmet Given by man.
Max Potion Item Ball.
Ether x2 Hidden on rock.
Revive Hidden on rock.
Max Revive x2 Hidden on rock.
Full Restore Item Ball.
Razor Claw Item Ball.
Reaper Cloth Item Ball.

 Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Rhyhorn 40-43
Golbat 40-43
Swoobat 40-43
Phanpy 40-43
Donphan 40-43
Lairon 40-43
Machoke 40-43
Medicham 40-43
Ditto 40-43
Golbat 40-43
Swoobat 40-43
Old Rod
Magikarp 40-43
Good Rod
Goldeen 40-43
Barboach 40-43
Gyarados 40-43
Super Rod
Gyarados 40-43
Barboach 40-43
Seaking 40-43

Trainers Edit

Ace Trainer Vincent Edit

Pokémon Level
Heracross 44
Metang 45
Medicham 45

Ace Trainer Aden Edit

Pokémon Level
Arcanine 45
Gallade 45

Ace Trainer Steve Edit

Pokémon Level
Sawk 44
Machoke 45
Machoke 44
Throh 45

Ace Trainer Judy Edit

Pokémon Level
Electabuzz 46
Magmar 46

Ace Trainer Markus Edit

Pokémon Level
Miltank 45
Bouffalant 45
Scizor 44

Ace Trainer Alexis Edit

Pokémon Level
Gengar 45
Lampent 45
Ninetales 44

Ace Trainer Kumiko Edit

Pokémon Level
Whimsicott 46
Wigglytuff 47

Ace Trainer Reina Edit

Pokémon Level
Clefable 46
Drifblim 47

Ace Trainer Nate Edit

Pokémon Level
Golurk 50

Ace Trainer Conrad Edit

Pokémon Level
Gardevoir 47
Mightyena 48

Ace Trainer Dean Edit

Pokémon Level
Wailord 46
Roserade 47
Porygon2 46

Ace Trainer Luna Edit

Pokémon Level
Ditto 45
Snorlax 44

Ace Trainer Harry Edit

Pokémon Level
Vileplume 45
Driflblim 46